Friday, June 10, 2011

Ugh, I'm Behind!

I'm so behind!  I've been buried at work so there hasn't been much time to update here.  My puppy chewed up our laptop cord so I can't update from home.  I have Blogger on my phone but I hate the way it behaves (or doesn't behave) so I have been out of luck in the posting department.

The house we offered to buy did not pass inspection.  The roof failed, majorly.  Bad enough that the seller wasn't willing to put out the money to repair it and the bank wouldn't loan money on it so we are back house hunting.  My husband looked at 4 houses yesterday and is looking at 4 again today.  I looked at 1 on my lunch break and it is nice.  A little bigger than we need (5 bedrooms) but doable.  And then last night we found out that one of the teenagers that we know needs a place to live.  The back story is that he doesn't have any family here.  His older brother lives out of state and his parents are deceased.  He has basically been an orphan and been living with friends for a couple of years now.  The latest family is moving and he needs a new place to live.  All of a sudden, the 5th bedroom doesn't seem unnecessary.  Since we moved here, we have joked about running a boarding house for displaced teens.  Now it seems less of a joke and more of a reality.  We haven't made an offer to take him in and really we need to focus on getting moved first.  My husband has always felt a call to ministry but not necessarily as a church leader.  Maybe opening our home is just another way to minister to these teens.  We are still bouncing some things around in our heads and praying for direction.  I almost think that this is the answer to some things I have been questioning this week.  But then I'm not sure.  

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