Friday, November 4, 2011

3 in 30 November Week 1

There's something about Friday that just makes me giddy. It is exciting to end my work week and just slow down and decompress. My wonderful husband snagged a pair of tickets to see the Razorbacks play tomorrow night and I was really excited to go with him...for about this long. I don't know what brought the apprehension on but there is a nagging feeling that I need to stay home tomorrow. It's not an impending sense of doom (yet) but I just have things to do this weekend and being away from home most of the day tomorrow isn't going to help. There are soccer games, a baby shower to attend, winter clothes to sort through...and I'm just tired. I know that if I indulge myself at the game I will have a great time, but then the crash will come when I get home and I won't want to do anything that I have to do and will end up being lazy with the kids. So I'm being a sacrificial adult and tending my sheep tomorrow. And I will convince the kids that we need to watch the game on tv so we can see if they see Dad.

3in30 ChallengeIt was only a couple of days ago that I planned out my 3 in 30 goals for the month so the progress is minimal, but still worth sharing.

Drag out, sort through and organize winter clothes--Not yet but it's on the agenda for the weekend. As a bonus motivator, the weather has taken a dramatic turn toward winter so if I don't get this done asap, my kids may freeze.

Continue with Bible in 90 Days--Sort of. I misplaced my checklist and actually re-read some parts of 2 Chronicles that I had already read. I knew I had read that before but since 2 Chronicles parallels the books before it, I thought maybe I was just remembering the books before it and I didn't want to not read it, just in case. I did find my checklist last night so I'm back on my schedule. I also ordered a new NLT Study Bible this week and have found it to be very readable and I love the notes and explanations. 

Make something crafty that I have pinned on Pinterest--Done! I made a dry erase calendar last night in about 20 minutes. Cost less than $15 (frame was $10 and paper was $5 for the pack-I only used 8 partial sheets). Forgive the sloppy handwritten days...I'm still experimenting with that. And the beautiful hands belong to my middle child.

So that's it for this week. I did choose a One Bite goal this week but ended up rethinking it and laying off for the week. I hope your weekend is fun and excited.

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