Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Other Shoe Fell

It's been a few days since my last post & I'm having withdrawals.  Since I'm posting from my phone it should be full of misspelled words & general nonsense, due to the drugs, which is where the MIA originates.
It all started with a tiny little bump.  No itching or pain, just a little bump on the upper inside of my thigh (relative close to Ladytown).  It had a little black speck in it so I thought it was an ingrown hair & just lightly scratched it out.  Several days later, the bump was now a lump. Still not painful.  The general consensus was that it was a boil.  So I bought some boil cream to draw it out.  On Friday, it was very sore & I was convinced it was going to burst at any minute.  It didn't.  I came home Friday & just wasn't feeling well.  I went to bed & stayed there most of the day Saturday.
After D got home from church with the kids yesterday, I was in unbearable pain.  He took me to the outpatient clinic & the dear sweet nurse said, "Bless your heart, I know that hurts."  So without the most disgusting details, I will just say that she numbed it, drained it & packed about 1' of gauze in there.  I get to go back on Tuesday to change the gauze & then again on Thursday.
I'm now a walking medicine cabinet.  I have pain pills that make me itch, benedryl to combat the itch, antibiotics for 2 weeks & a strong shot of antibiotics to kick start the healing.  They should be able to tell me Thursday if it's staph or strep, but she is leaning toward staph.  So I'm off for the majority of the week, probably have a major blog update see if I can drag up more followers.  That is, if I get out of bed for any length of time!

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