Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Looks Like Crazy on a Normal Day

I wrote that last post?!  Surprisingly, it's accurate and coherent.  I don't remember writing in, must have been the pain pills.  Well, it's Wednesday and I'm starting to see a slight improvement in my leg but I'm still bedridden for the most part.  I close my eyes and imagine my paycheck just flying out the window.  <sigh>  The doctor repacked the gaping hole again yesterday and it didn't hurt at all, not like I was dreading it.  The pain is mostly still coming from a few places above the wound that haven't drained yet.  I go back tomorrow for more repacking.  

The pain meds make me itch.  I'm not talking just an itch here or there, I could handle that.  This is a major itch, all over that makes me want to take sandpaper to my skin.  So the 2 options I have are no pain pills (not fun at all) or pain pills + Benedryl to calm the itching.  I choose the Benedryl cocktail option.  Spending all this time in bed should have made me productive.  I could read, catch up on my Believing God Bible Study, organize some papers, read and toss some magazines...there's an endless number of things I should be doing.  I'm actually just sleeping most of the day.  I make sure to roll over every now and again just to keep from getting bed sores but it's been very relaxing, except for the pain.  

I know I look like a zombie.  I've even got the walk perfected.  With the location of the *thing*, it makes it hard to use my inner thigh muscle because that's where the open wound is.  So I stumble along like a zombie.  I'm sure if I stopped to look in the mirror, I would be convinced I was actually dead.  I can't get the *thing* wet so I've been taking sponge/baby wipe baths since Sunday.  I hate that.  I'm a 2 shower a day kind of girl.  This is killing me.  So my hair hasn't been washed since then, but I have managed to brush my teeth while holding on to the cabinet.  I'm sure my hair is pointing in a dozen different directions.  Yes, I'm starting my own legion of the undead.

I'm done whining now.

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