Monday, April 18, 2011

The Land of the Living

I think I am back among the non-Zombies again.  I think.  I went back to the doctor in a panic on Saturday thinking I was destined for hospital admission but thankfully the doctor saw things a little differently.  The entire top half of my thigh was purple.  I don't mean pretty lavender purple, I mean bright, deep, bruise purple.  In my mind, that meant certain death, or at least amputation of my leg (yes, I acknowledge the hypochondria).  I was wrong.  My doctor was overjoyed at the sight.  Really he was.  He explained that the purple meant that the tissue was actually bleeding and healthy.  I still have the gaping hole in my thigh but the outlook has greatly improved.  He did confess that he came very close to admitting me on Thursday but decided to give me 48 more hours to recover.  The infection was actually strep so he switched my antibiotics to those that actually combat strep and I should be on the road to recovery.  I'm just now realizing how bad this really was.  And to think that it started with a tiny, non-bump.  It still hurts pretty bad but I'm not taking pain medication.  I decided it was better not to take pain pills and drive, work, etc.  So I'm in pain and I wish I could stay in bed until I am bandage free but duty calls.  Must work for paycheck.  

I am a week behind with everything now.  I haven't watched the news, barely checked my email (only from my phone), communicated briefly with the office to let them know I was still alive and still not coming back to work, didn't cook, hardly ate and slept for the majority of the last 7ish days.  I did lose about 5 pounds and my appetite hasn't completely returned, that's the good part.  Maybe my appetite will stay gone forever.  Wish in one hand...

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