Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day and More

I would like to wish a late Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...I hope your day was wonderful.  Mine was!  My husband and children made me breakfast in bed (french toast and sausage!).  We went to Panera Bread and got sandwiches and went to the park.  The kids played while the husband and I manned a park bench and played Wordsmith on the phones.  After that, they took me shopping and I bought a new pillow and a sound machine.  My old pillow was all flat and I bought a new one that is fabulous.  My husband even bought himself one, after laying on the floor of the store with it.  Yes, he really did, but it was my idea.  There's just really not a good way to test out a pillow unless you lay on it, although, I have perfected the art of squeezing and cuddling one to find a good one, and I did.  I have slept so good the past 3 nights!  I have been wanting a sound machine and I bought one on Sunday.  It has 6 different sounds and I really like the ocean waves but my husband prefers the rainforest.  It is very soothing.  We turned it to the "heartbeat" sound and the puppy freaked out!  I'm not sure why that is but she is not fond of that sound.  I didn't lift a finger all day and it was perfect.

I'm pretty antsy today because my husband goes back for a follow-up appointment with the neurologist.  Several things make me antsy about it...

1.  His doctor is rude and I don't like her.  I went with him to his 1st appointment with her and she was asking us both questions about his symptoms and history, but she didn't like my answers.  Several times I commented on a symptom and she would snap and say "Non-specific.  That could relate to anything."  She made me feel stupid for even commenting.  Finally I just decided I wouldn't say another word if she was going to snap at me.  I know, that's childish.  She just made me mad.

2.  Every time he goes to the doctor (any doctor, not just this one), he comes back depressed.  We are no closer to answers than we were 4 months ago when all of this started and that frustrates him.  Currently, he is doing a trial and error process with different medications but we aren't comfortable with that long term.  

3.  No doctor so far has been able to give him any usable advice that he couldn't come up with on his own.  His head has hurt severely for 4 months now and loud noises make it worse.  When the bell rings at school, it makes his pain spike.  The doctor suggested that he put his hands over his ears in anticipation of the bell.  Brilliant!  Why didn't he think of that?!  I'm sure she meant it to be helpful but how about we figure out what's causing the pain instead of having him walk around with his hands over his ears.  

4.  I have guilt stemming from this.  He missed 6 weeks of work earlier this year and it has been financially hard on us.  Coupled with my 2 weeks off last month for the strep infection in my leg, it is taking us a while to get caught back up.  I feel guilty when I complain about being underwater because he feels like it's his fault.  I don't blame him, I know that things happen, but it's hard for him to understand that.  

5.  We can't switch doctors unless we pay for it ourselves.  He is a veteran and he receives care at the VA.  Generally, the doctors there are very good.  I don't doubt that the neurologist is good at what she does medically, she just has very little bedside manner.  

Ok, I'm done whining I think.  

My baby boy is graduating from kindergarten in 12 days.  I guess it's time considering this is his 2nd year in kindergarten.  Last year, he was still very immature and we held him back a year.  He is still immature, but better than last year so he's moving on.  I'm sure I will cry at graduation.  I didn't with my girls but he's the baby!  My baby!  The last baby I will ever have!  Gee, I'm depressing today.  

I'm picking out paint colors in case we get to move.  Right now, I'm seriously considering deep red or chocolate brown.  I've had a living room painted in red before and it was beautiful.  I may do that again.  I saved the paint sample from when I painted before so I can match it again.  It's bold and daring--very much so when I painted military housing walls red!  I just had to paint over it before I left--with military white.  It took a coat of primer before it didn't show through.  It was a nice color though, very vibrant.  Chocolate brown would be more soothing I think but red says "this chick isn't afraid to experiment."  Not exactly true but it's just paint.  I can always cover it up.  The girls are considering bright colors.  Both of their bedspreads are bright.  They have each requested loft bunk beds and they are wavering on whether or not to get the ones with the futon underneath.  They have also requested a disco ball.  Odd children I have.  

It's a pretty quiet day at work today.  So far, the crazies haven't appeared.  It's still early though.  I don't mean to insult anyone with a legitimate psychological problem, in fact, I'm right there with you.  I have battled anxiety on and off for years and finally have medication that makes me feel normal.  I'm talking about the people with crazy requests for us that we can't do, or aren't willing to do.  You wouldn't believe the calls I get for people asking how much we charge to do a divorce.  It's not cheap.  At least once a week someone fires back, "Well, I can do it online for $250."  Then do it!  Fair warning, our judges don't like that and I can almost guarantee it will drag on forever.  Then there's the ones who say, "So and so will do it for half that price."  Then call their office.  Don't get me wrong, I'm always nice to them, but sometimes it's harder than others.  Sometimes they bother me, sometimes it's laughable.  It's always entertaining, I love my job.

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