Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brits Before Breakfast

Sometimes I wonder why I’m a little unbalanced. Then I look at my relatives and wonder how I have even an ounce of normalcy. I do have an ounce, just not much more. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at this conversation snippet from this very morning—some things you just can’t make up. To fully understand this, you must know a few things about the family:  

1.  I am not a morning person. Not even close. 
2.  I live with 4 others who are morning people. 
3.  My oldest is 11, she is very smart and likes to make things up, like jingles and limericks. And she prefers to speak with a Monty Python-esque British accent.

It’s morning at my house, I am moving slow, the husband and kids are not moving slow. My brain doesn’t fully function before caffeine, generally in the form of Diet Dr. Pepper, by the gallon. Then comes the singing. There are songs about fish, songs about feet, songs about fish with feet, and other random jingles the oldest has made up in the last few days. Loud songs, in British accents. The oldest is singing at the top of her lungs, the other two are giggling at her, trying to sing along, and my husband is encouraging them. This would be funny if it weren’t pre-caffeine. So we got in the truck to go to school and I just had to say it:

Me: We have a new rule. No British accents before school.
Meg (oldest child): But they’re fun.
Me: You know I’m not a morning person. I can’t handle tomfoolery before caffeine.
Baby boy: What’s tomfoolery?
Me: Um, Meg, explain to your brother what tomfoolery is.
Meg: Kind of like goofing off, acting silly.
Middle child: Like singing with British accents?
Me: Exactly like that. So no more accents before school. My nerves can’t take it.
Meg: Mom, I hope I inherited Dad’s nerves.

I hope she did too.

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