Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 in 30 Update

When I jumped in to the 3 in 30 Challenge, I wanted to choose goals that would impact my life immediately; goals that would have measurable and/or noticeable progress fast. Otherwise, I feared that I would get frustrated and give up without giving the challenge a real chance. Tomorrow is my first Friday check-in and I'm posting a little early because my IT guru is coming tomorrow and that may limit my free time at work. So for my first ever progress report...
1. Drink More Water--So far so good. I'm actually sitting here with my giant water that I bought after lunch and have refilled. So far, no major caffeine withdrawal symptoms (yeah!) and I am sleeping better (double yeah!). And an added bonus, my normal Diet Dr. Pepper costs $2.28 every afternoon. The water only costs me $.87. Saving money and improving my health.

2. Wash, Dry, Fold and Put Away 1 Load of Laundry Each Day--This is crazy. My laundry room is almost completely empty of laundry. This never happens. Ever. I will admit to a few dirty clothes--but only what is not enough to make a full load. And the thing is, I'm excited about it! When I come home on my lunch break, I do laundry! It's strange how I dread it so much when it piles up but only having a few things dirty makes me giddy. Hand over the geek crown.

3. Have Breakfast and Lunch at Home on Sundays--No Sunday yet but I do have a plan. I am making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and blueberry soup for breakfast and beef stroganoff for lunch. I will post the recipes another day. 

I love comments :) How is your 3 in 30 Challenge going?
3in30 I'm In!!

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