Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Didn't Do All Weekend

What a fabulous weekend! It really was one of the best ones in a while. Oddly enough, I didn't do anything at all that I had planned to do. Funny how that works. I had a giant list of things that I was going to do, but none of them really had much to do with the family. My plan looked something like this:

  • catch up on laundry
  • post my 3 in 30 goals 
  • make some design changes to my blog 
  • take husband and kids to the fair
  • watch the Razorback game
  • make a dessert for our church homecoming dinner
Big fat fail. My list looked a little more like this:
  • washed and put away about half of the laundry
  • never opened my laptop
  • not even sure where I last put my laptop
  • took kids to fair (with help) but husband bailed at the last minute
  • took a 4-hour nap during the game
  • bought a cake at the grocery store a few minutes before church
All that planning got me nothing. Except half a funnel cake (my darling boy ran right into me and the funnel cake hit the ground). And a nap. The nap was pretty great. It's not everyday I get to ignore all of my responsibilities for some extreme self-indulgence. So the fabulous part?
  • Listening to E giggle through the entire tilt-a-whirl ride
  • Completely melting when he gave $5 of his own money to the animal shelter
  • Meg holding my hand, on purpose, without force, when she didn't want anything
  • Hannah letting me dry her hair
  • 4 hours of undisturbed napping
  • Church homecoming
  • Tons of other small, nice things
The lesson for me--just because things do not go the way I planned, that doesn't mean it can't still be wonderful and fabulous. This picture is from the fair, just me and my darlings.

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