Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun Family Day

The good thing about using your cell phone as an alarm clock is that it springs itself forward.  I actually did wake up on time for church but then we started talking & planning & ended up missing our window of opportunity to get ready for church.  We will worship today from the top of Mt. Magazine & enjoy the wonders of His work. 

The kids have chosen their walking sticks, holey jeans & old shoes for the hiking trails that are upon us.  Couldn't find the camera so I may try to post pics from my phone...not sure how that will work yet.  It's a beautiful place & we haven't explored too much of it, even though it is the closest state park to us and the tallest mountain between the Rockies & Appalachians.  Cloudy skies but no rain in the forecast.  I'm sure it will be a few degrees cooler up on top & I may regret my choice to wear a short sleeved shirt. 

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