Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was gift shopping at Amazon.com (my very favorite place to shop!) and it recommended Listography books to me.  List your life.  I clicked around and they have several neat little books for list makers.  I think they would make great gifts.  I will try to add a link but I'm still a blog rookie so it may or may not work.  If not, just search for "Listography" on Amazon.

Listography Journal 

I may try to occasionally blog in lists...like today.

10 Simple Things I Love
1.  Diet Dr. Pepper
2.  My stinky Schnauzer
3.  St. Augustine Grass
4.  Checking the mail and finding no bills
5.  When my phone works properly
6.  Decorative paper clips
7.  Post-it notes
8.  The smell of wet concrete just after a rain
9.  When our usually grumpy mail person smiles
10. Summer songs on the radio when it's not summer

It is spring break here and my kids and husband are out of school.  I was a little jealous because I wanted to stay sleeping this morning!  Our almost 4 mile hike on Saturday has caught up with me.  I'm a little more sore today that I have been.  

My almost, not quite, feels like she is sister in Arizona was raving about the Renaissance Festival she went to last weekend.  Normally, that's not my thing.  Then I looked at her pictures.  And she told me there's one in Oklahoma in May and she will be home then.  I'm sold.  They have Pirate Weekend.  I have an odd obsession with pirates.  Crazy I know.  I think it stems from Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.  I'm sure I'm not the only woman on the planet to swoon over Jack Sparrow.  So in mid-May we are going to dress up in Renaissance and pirate clothes and spend the weekend doing medieval things.  I can't wait. 

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