Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's My Friday!

Happy Friday to me!  No, I'm not crossing the date line, just taking the day off tomorrow.  For once, my day off is something for fun instead of an obligation (doctor's appointment, sick kid, etc.)  My Middlest turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.  For her birthday, she wanted to go see Kenny Chesney.  And so did I but I didn't have anyone to go with.  Since he was coming to Little Rock soon, I bought 3 tickets.  I offered to let her take a friend and she chose her sister.  So tomorrow, instead of work and school, we are going on a road trip.

My husband has a doctor's appointment there tomorrow afternoon.  Instead of taking both trucks, we just decided to carpool, take the baby boy, and make a day out of it.  The kids and I will play in the park while he's at the doctor, then we're going to introduce the kids to one of our favorite restaurants, Purple Cow, home of amazing greasy cheeseburgers and yummy milkshakes, maybe some shopping (it is VA payday tomorrow!) and then off to the concert, while the boys go see a movie.  It should be a fun-filled day, free of most responsibilities.  The girls are looking forward to dancing at the concert and hoping to get on the big screen.  It should be loads of fun.  I've been to a KC concert many times but have never taken the girls.  I can't wait!

My washing machine died earlier this week.  We're a family of 5...we go through lots of laundry.  My husband (aka Amateur Mr. Fix-It) diagnosed the problem.  The dial wasn't working properly because it was stripped.  I ordered a replacement dial from PartSelect on Monday evening.  The part and shipping together were less than $15.  Mr. FedEx delivered the new dial on Wednesday.  How's that for customer service?!  I didn't pay extra for speedy shipping and they promised it in 3-5 days.  My washing machine is back in business, thankfully.  If you have a dying/dead appliance, I definitely recommend that you check there before you replace it.  They will even help you select the part to fix it.  All you need is an Amateur Mr. Fix-It.  Depending on my mood, I may even loan mine out.  

Right now, my oldest is playing Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii.  I remember the original DKC on Super Nintendo.  We played this all the time in college.  Her dad and I spent many, many late nights trying to beat it.  It was great entertainment.  The music on here is the same as the original.  It's great.  It took me a few days to even want to try to play it because I was afraid I wouldn't get the hang of it on the Wii.  I did and I may stay up after the kids go to bed and play it.  Cheap entertainment.  

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