Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing...

I have too many cookies.  And I need to get rid of them!  This is my 1st year as a Girl Scout leader and my girls so a lot of cookies!  Unfortunately, my record keeping leaves much to be desired.  I can't get my money to balance, I have unsold cookies and parents that still owe me money.  <sigh>  

I have too many puppies.  Our Schnauzer (my baby) fathered 6 puppies with our Beagle.  They are cute as can be, but there's 6 of them!  I can't keep 6 more dogs!  I walked outside to find the kids and I said "Hey guys" (talking to the children) and out of the doghouse came 5 bundles of energy looking at me.  The 6th one is lazy.  He won't come out until everyone else does, then he decides it's ok and he needs to be in on the action.  They are so cute but I don't have any takers yet.  

It's just about time to think about the garden for the year.  Our grass hasn't needed mowing yet but it looks like it's getting ready to grow.  Of course, with 4 grown dogs running all over the yard, they may keep in down!  Not to mention the 3 kids keeping it pressed down.  And I'm sure I will have potato vines growing everywhere.  I bought the boy a potato gun.  Not one of those guns that shoots whole potatoes, this one shoots potato plugs.  There's no telling the number of potato plugs he's shot in the yard.  

It's past my bedtime!  Til next time :) 

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